Give your Windows a 3D Look

Hii Friends...I hope you all are fine. I hope my previous posts were beneficial for you. Well, today I am back with an Amazing software named as T3Desk. It is a very Interesting software which helps you to give a 3D look to your Operating system. It gives a third dimension look to your Windows. It lets you give a Transparent look to your Windows. Well, it is a lightweight software. It is an unique application.

Using this software, your windows can be zoomed , Flipped , moved in almost anyway you want. You can surf more easily using T3Desk. You can also configure your windows Dimension looks, Transparency Effect and much more. This software will work on almost all versions of Windows.

              Official Site Download Link :-  Download T3Desk

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Flexible Smart Phone : Samsung Youm

We have been hearing talk about flexible screens for your smart phone and other devices, but they have always seemed to be somewhere in the future.Flexible screens will make your phone smaller as well which is a great benefit. It can then be expanded to a much larger size or larger that we are seeing today. It creates lots of potential. If you thing about the ability to unroll your smart phone for use and then rolling the phone back up to make it compact, you begin to see the potential of flexible screens.

Samsung has given the world a glimpse of a phone with a bendable screen, dubbed the Youm, suggesting that consumers may soon be able to fold up large phone or tablet screens as if they were maps.

The Korean electronics company showed off the device at a keynote speech Wednesday at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) in Las Vegas. The annual convention showcases the latest TVs, computers and other consumer electronic devices.

The world’s biggest technology manufacturer said that Youm, the brand it has used for its flexible display technology since June, was a prototype that was not going to launch imminently. Samsung's continued emphasis on the technology will worry its rivals, however, and indicates that the Korean company is continuing both to work on new display Technologies and to reduce its reliance on Google's Android. It pointedly demonstrated the phone running Windows Phone 8.

Analysts say the first uses for flexible displays are most likely to be in devices that are more durable than glass because they can absorb force rather than crack under it. The new technology is also likely to be used, Samsung said, to wrap displays around devices and allow them, for instance, to show information on their edges.
"The concept of the flexible screen has been around for some time, but it finally looks as if Samsung is really going to deliver on that technology," said Stephen Bell, an analyst with Keystone Global.

Here is a Video Demonstration of Flexibility of Samsung Youm. Must watch :-

Source : Cbsnews,

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10 Fast and Free Security Enhancements

Hi, Now I am Here to tell you about some Maintenance tips that can Protect your Pc and make your Pc as clean as Milk. But, these Methods can slow your pc.  Before you spend a Dime(Money) on security, there are many precautions you can take that will protect you against the most common threats.

Happy New Year 2013

Hacking Therapy wishes you a very Happy new year 2013.

New Days, New Time, New Moments, New Posts, New Articles, New Tutorials Ahead Are Waiting For You.

Saying Goodbye to 2012 won't be hard. But looking forward with hope for a better year in 2013 is a real challenge.

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World-s Biggest Hard Disk/Drive

This is the Biggest Hard Drive Ever !!!!!!  Seems like a C.P.U ........!!       


1956: IBM 305 RAMAC Hard Drive

IBM introduced the 305 RAMAC computer on September 13th, 1956, which was the first computer to include a disk drive named the IBM 350 Disk File. Prior to this magnetic computer storage had consisted of core memory, tape, and drums. The magnetic disk was seen as a replacement for the magnetic drum for the same reason 78 RPM Records eventually replaced Edison cylinders- more storage with less space.
The 350 Disk File consisted of a stack of fifty 24" discs that can be seen to the left of the operator in the above picture. The capacity of the entire disk file was 5 million 7-bit characters, which works out to about 4.4 MB in modern parlance. This is about the same capacity as the first personal computer hard drives that appeared in the early 1980's, but was an enormous capacity for 1956. IBM leased the 350 Disk File for a $35,000 annual fee.
Today the magnetic disc is the platform of choice for the temporary storage of digital video, but it wasn't until the late 1960's that the magnetic disc was used for any sort of video storage. At that time the Instant Replay Deck was introduced, which permitted the storage and playback of brief segments of analog video.


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50 Facts About Facebook

  1. 1 in every 13 people on Earth is on Facebook 
  2. 35+ demographic represents more than 30% of the entire user base
  3. 71.2 % of all USA Internet users are on Facebook
  4. In 20 minutes 1,000,000 links are shared on Facebook
  5. In 20 minutes 1,484,000 event invites are posted
  6. In 20 minutes 1,323,000 photos are tagged
  7. In 20 minutes 1,851,000 status updates are entered
  8. In 20 minutes 1.972 million friend requests are accepted
  9. In 20 minutes 2,716,000 photos are uploaded
  10. In 20 minutes 2,716,000 messages are sent

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 : Review and Price

You'll need deep pockets: not just to buy the device, but to carry it as well.
The Galaxy Note is back and this time, it’s packed with more features, such as the ability to preview e-mails, events, videos, and images without even touching your stylus tip to the screen and the ability to rotate the phone’s screen depending on the orientation of your head.In almost every way, the Galaxy Note II is like the Samsung Galaxy S3. It uses the same front face, button and rear styling. So what’s different? How about the addition of a stylus, some software ... and oh yes, the much bigger size.

15 Tips to Make your Pc Very Fast and Smooth

Hi Guys, Wanna make your PC run faster and smoother?  These are some small tips which make great impact on the performance of your computer. Everybody wants a PC which runs the way we want. A newly bought computer just impresses you, with its fast interface, quick reactions, negligible garbage, in short just like what a new computer should.

 But after using your computer for about a year or so, like me, you would also face some minor problems with your computer performance e.g. takes more time to boot up, hangs up very frequently, you see a large cluster of useless icons on your desktop, applications run slower, some even refuse to run. Innumerable problems are faced by all of us.
Now all of us won’t buy a new computer just for this reason, so what would you do? Format your hard disk? Probably, but who wants to lose precious data? There are many small things that PC users, don’t know about........ 
I am going to tell you, what I do to my own PC, to achieve the performance level I want from it. This doesn’t require much effort to follow these simple tips, nor do they require much time, but surely they increase our PC performance, your PC would surely run smoother and faster.